This time we are going to discuss my most favorite subject cinema. Why people oppose films, and how important films are. Mainly I have noticed that when filmmakers want to demonstrate some truth or present any facts and ideologies, randomly people oppose it and the funniest part is they oppose without even watching the movie. There is a phrase "Do not judge a book by its title".
I do not say that every film is good, but I think that mostly we create issues in a wrong direction. For example movies like PK, OMG, BILLU BARBAR and article 15 etc. in which the director/writer wants to portray some facts and logics running in our society through that film, but instead of understanding or accepting that, we start taking objections over things for which even that film also does not highlight.
For example, if one maker wants to make a film, He has to use some name, cast, and profession for the protagonist. Now if every cast, every profession starts taking objection then how to make a c…

Those days...A chapter of life

We all have that amazing phase in our life when we start to face life out of our comfort zone. Mostly this phase arrives when we left college and start knowing that college campuses and outside have a totally different life. I also passed through those days when I was making a way, To walk for so many years in that direction.

When I left Bhavnagar I have had a mindset to prove myself. And that hope, that passion becomes my power to face any difficult time or phase. That was the first time when I started living alone. when I started to upgrade myself. And I went through so many things which made me what I am today.
I realized that when you come out of the comfort zone, You will notice that your criteria of thinking and understanding become wide. For example when I was a student, So many times I heard that uneducated people are earning more than educated. So my thinking was "yeah, Education is not that much important", But when I left Bhavnagar than stayed in Ahmadabad and Mumbai…

Do you believe in God?

“Do you believe in god?” One of the awkward questions you face when you’re a straightforward person. And as our Indian society is religious-oriented, they would not accept the truth which I’m going to tell.
Freedom Of Speech India, where we have freedom of speech, where all persons have equal right to freely practice any religion they want and nobody would need clarification of why he/she chose that. But if a person says he’s an atheist i.e he doesn’t believe in God, all would ask him for the reasons.
What I don’t understand is, that a person who believes in god can speak about his beliefs without fear anywhere anytime, but an atheist doesn’t have the same rights. An Atheist cannot share their opinion also. If someone agrees to their saying then they are welcomed by society, but if someone says "I don’t believe in God" he has to prove his thoughts. So should it not go the same for everyone? I mean, there’s also no objective evidence that God exists!

Why?? When one believer can li…

Independent- Dependent on smart Tech

Before some days when I was on leave and also alone in my room because my roommate was on vacation, one very dangerous event occurred. My WI-FI was not working. I hope you all can understand how big of a crisis this is nowadays. That day I realized how much we are addicted to this smart technology, oh sorry, “cool apps” and all:) In today's time, independent is all about depending on the idiot box. Smartphones can do everything for us. And people are also been used to spending money on smartphones instead of saving for the crisis. One of my friends feels so proud that he has an iPhone. At the age of 25, the iPhone is more important for him than his career or any other goals.
We have apps to do everything, We can order food, do shopping, book movie tickets, online bill payment, socially active, travel bookings and many more. I agree that smart tech has made our lives easy and it also saves our time,  but somewhere it ruins our beautiful journey of life. Before this smart technology arr…

Other Side - Having one's own perspective

Once I was in Mumbai, on my pg with my friends. Suddenly one friend asked another "are you a good guy or a bad guy ?" he replied I think I am a bad person, The other one said I am not good enough, a smart one said I am average. No one had the confidence to say 'Yes I am a good guy'. Then he asked me, I said "yes I am good". he told me that everyone thinks that they are good enough and then he starts laughing, so I asked him the same question and he replied, "no I am not good ". I told him "if you don't respect yourself, nobody else will.

Acceptance is a good thing, but not blindly. Having your own perspective is more important than acceptance. Actually, our elders guide us saying acceptance means being cultured. Having your own perspectives and following it, is being rude. My father used to tell me "learn everything, that will help you in your bad the phase". and I used to respond "bad phase will teach me everything". It…

Thankful Regret

After observing lots of examples I have learned one thing, that love can either make one achieve more than he/she can ever imagine or destroys you in the most beautiful manner. Today I want to share that with you. I think everyone has passed or is passing through this phase. There is always a special one in our lives, if we get him/her then it will achievement for us. But what I learned in some cases is, if we fail to achieve him/her we think of it is as a failure. That’s not the case. I call it “Thankful Regret”.

When we like someone, we tend to push ourselves out of our comfort zone to be able to make ourselves worthy for them, like we try to extend our boundaries. The thing I noticed, for example, is like they start to communicate in English or start watching English movies in English because that special one is used to with English. Then they try to earn good money as well to become more successful and that much qualified to ask him/her out one day and they also start changing thei…

Everyone Will be replaced by someone

My previous article was about my holidays in my home town- Bhavnagar. This article is about an incident when I met an old friend. So on one fine morning of my vacation, my mother was giving me updates about the city, our family, my school friends, etc. Then she told me about an old friend of mine, who also lives next door and who now also have a job nearby. We were just chit-chatting about these things on the veranda of our house and suddenly he came out of his house and the next thing I know, he was sitting on the bench in front of me. So obviously my mother started the conversation. It's a bit awkward talking to someone after a long time, don't you think?; She acknowledged him with "Look, your old friend came from Mumbai.":) I knew that this conversation would last long because we were meeting after a long time. So I prepared myself for it.
We just exchanged a glance at first and then my mother funnily asked "do you remember him ?" for which he replied &qu…